Ready to weigh anchor

RI December 2009 2.jpg

Ahoy, faithful readers {who may or may not exist}!

As the Franco-American Dr. Seusses, we have returned, and we have brought more puns.

There was a brief hiatus to celebrate those ambiguous "holidays", but this week the translation pirates are back in action. We were also lucky enough to witness some of the rare Rhode Island snow.  But our latest and greatest conquest was a French version of this site.

It was a week of blood, sweat, tears, and white hot chocolate. There were moments of cabin fever and a lot of bad puns in French. But veni, vidi, vici, we have made it through the storm. Click the "{FR}" link above to see what we mean {though don't expect blog posts in French just yet}.

Here is some multilingual wordplay to start your day.

Rien qu’avec notre plume, vous pouvez sortir de la brume !

And, for all you non-French speakers:

                        The holidays were merry and bright                         

Now back to sea shanties, yo ho!

Enjoy the fancy new website

And don't eat the yellow snow.