An ocean voyage

You may have heard the scuttlebutt among the crew, or visited our "Contact" page and taken note of our transatlantic move, but if not, then you heard it here first: Seaside Translation is now a bona fide UK limited company!

Our love of the land across the pond was simply too strong to ignore, so we've both made the grand journey over and brought the company with us. Glasgow is now our official location, and we're up and running and raring to go! There were a few big steps to take before making it official, but we celebrated our impending incorporation this winter with a trip to the beautiful Lake District, just one of the many gorgeous parts of the UK.

Beautiful destination, fantastic name.

Beautiful destination, fantastic name.

For those of you still residing in the US, fear not. We've been able to make arrangements with our current US-based clients to accommodate everyone, and we're happy to do the same for any future potential business. 

If you have any questions or want to discuss your translation needs, give us a call at either +44 (0)7583 234 248 or +44 (0)7938 744 430, or email us at We look forward to working with you!

We've moved...sort of.

Ahoy, fellow travelers on the sea of life and translation!

We've just popped in to say that we have now have a UK office {in a sense}! Captain courageous and scurvy dog Caroline has moved her nimble fingers over to the delightful city of Glasgow. This is great news for everyone, as it means that Seaside Translation can now cover a wider swath of working hours, and that we can also be reached via a UK phone number:  +44 {0}7583 234 248

If you have any questions for us about the big move or anything else, feel free to call or email!

Confirmed sighting!

Despite reports to the contrary, we are here to announce that the crew of the HMS Punafore are not lost at sea! They've recently been spotted warding off scurvy at the local corn ma{i}ze:


Free-range translator in her natural habitat

Free-range translator in her natural habitat


After individual adventures on the high seas {a.k.a. summer holidays}, our intrepid interpreters of the written word have jumped back into the daily grind with gusto, taking a quick break in the sunshine to take a stroll among the stalks. The story of our adventure was delightful, with many twists and turns. A corny time was had by all. No, but was amaize-ing.

Obviously, our lengthy absence from the blogosphere is telling of our busy summer season - even the usually paltry month of August was action-packed. Although we had to swab a couple of poop decks, we are now full-fledged NETA members and the proud payers of large amounts of taxes.

Thanks, as always, for possibly reading this blog. Stay salty!

Choppy seas and fair weather

Avast, ye scurvy dogs, and all that.

As you may have guessed from our lengthy absence from this glorious blog, we at Seaside have had our hands full this past month!

Many a message in a bottle was sent out, and we did come across a few replies, which have yielded surprising amounts of buried treasure. Although we've only officially worked with a few different sources over the past month, these sea dogs have been up on deck day and night, working away! Several late nights and countless cups of tea later, we've once again proven that our industrious spirits are up to the challenge, and we rather enjoy being busy.

Thanks to our loyal readers {whoever and wherever you are}, and to our correspondents near and far.

At long last and as promised, here is the translation of our blog blague!

A burglar goes into a house one late night. He turns on his flashlight and roams through the house looking for valuables. He's filling his sack with CDs and jewelry, and suddenly he hears a strange voice:

- "Jesus is watching you..."

The terrified burglar jumps at the sound of this voice. He turns off his flashlight and stays completely still for a few seconds. Hearing nothing, he tells himself that it was only his imagination, and continues to search through the house. As he's disconnecting the stereo from the wall, he hears the strange voice again:

- "Look out! Jesus is watching you..."

This time, the burglar leaves his flashlight on, and quickly looks around him. Finally, he notices a parrot in the corner of the room.

- "Aha - it's you, you stupid parrot; you're the one freaking me out!"

- "Yup!" admits the parrot raucously. "I was trying to warn you of the danger."

- "Who are you to be warning me of danger?"

- "My name is Moses," says the bird.

- "Ha!! Moses! What kind of idiot names a parrot Moses?"

- "Probably the same kind of idiot who names a Rottweiler Jesus..."

The end!

The end!

Snow ho ho {and a bottle of rock salt}

Good morning landlubbers,

As we continue to send out messages in bottles in hopes of reaching translation agencies near and far, we take a moment to appreciate the more pleasant aspects of the snowstorm.

A benchmark for the snow

A benchmark for the snow

In short, our blog posts for the rest of the month will be nothing short of exhilarating, between shoveling and sending emails.

To lighten the mood, we'll leave you with one of our favorite jokes in French. Translation to follow next week!

Un cambrioleur entre dans une maison pendant la nuit. Il allume sa lampe de poche et cherche des objets de valeur dans la maison. Il ramasse des CDs et des bijoux plein son sac lorsqu'une voix étrange lui dit:

- "Jésus te regarde..."

Le voleur sursaute, terrifié par cette voix étrange. Il éteint sa lampe et ne bouge plus pendant quelques instants. Puisqu'il n'entend rien, il se dit que ce n'est que le fruit de son imagination et continue à fouiller la maison. Il déconnecte les câbles de la stéréo lorsqu'il entend à nouveau une voix étrange:

- "Attention! Jésus te regarde..."

Cette fois-ci, le voleur laisse sa lampe allumée et regarde autour de lui à toute allure. Finalement, il remarque un perroquet dans un coin de la pièce.

- "Ha! Ha! C'est toi, perroquet de malheur, qui m'a fait si peur?"

- "Yep!" confesse le perroquet en poussant des cris rauques.

- "J'essaie de te prévenir du danger.", ajoute le perroquet.

- "Qui es-tu pour me prévenir du danger?"

- "Je m'appelle Moïses", répond l'oiseau.

- "Hi! Hi! Moïses! Quel genre de personnes stupides nomment un perroquet Moïses?"

- "Probablement le même genre de personnes qui nomment un Rottweiler Jésus..."

{Extract from}

Batten down the hatches!

January has been a month of peril. Not only did we survive the legendary Blizzard of 2015; we also managed to weather storms of sickness and birthdays alike.

Vestiges of the storm

Vestiges of the storm

Despite being snowbound for two days, we were still able to accomplish a few things due to the miracle of electricity. Our electronic achievements were also tempered by a bit of hard labor - the snow isn't going to shovel itself!

January presented us with some rough seas, but the scuttlebutt has it that our business is official. The filings have been filed, and the bank accounts have been...accounted for. So prepare yourselves for great adventure, lads and lassies!

Off to meet the Zanzibarbarians!

We have been assiduously researching potential clients for our ocean voyage. Being the intrepid sailors that we are, we like to investigate all potential courses before hoisting the mainsail.

To this end, we have been constructing beautiful CVs using our signature fonts and company logo. Set your sights on this!

Logo off the port bow!

Logo off the port bow!

So there you have it, folks. Tune in next week, when our intrepid crew finally begins its rounds of parley.

Ready to weigh anchor

RI December 2009 2.jpg

Ahoy, faithful readers {who may or may not exist}!

As the Franco-American Dr. Seusses, we have returned, and we have brought more puns.

There was a brief hiatus to celebrate those ambiguous "holidays", but this week the translation pirates are back in action. We were also lucky enough to witness some of the rare Rhode Island snow.  But our latest and greatest conquest was a French version of this site.

It was a week of blood, sweat, tears, and white hot chocolate. There were moments of cabin fever and a lot of bad puns in French. But veni, vidi, vici, we have made it through the storm. Click the "{FR}" link above to see what we mean {though don't expect blog posts in French just yet}.

Here is some multilingual wordplay to start your day.

Rien qu’avec notre plume, vous pouvez sortir de la brume !

And, for all you non-French speakers:

                        The holidays were merry and bright                         

Now back to sea shanties, yo ho!

Enjoy the fancy new website

And don't eat the yellow snow.


Yo ho ho and a bottle of translation

The journey continues! Our business cards are on the way, the website is coming together, and our internet is {mostly} working.

Here's a sneak peek at one of our cards. You wouldn't think this took a lot of work, but we probably put in somewhere between 10 and 20 hours getting this right, so if you don't like it, you can walk the plank.

Once the website went live, we decided to have a miniature celebration, then the crew was back to work this morning.

P.S. If you think we're ever going to run out of nautical puns, you haven't gotten your sea legs yet.

Setting the sails


Getting a translation business up and running can be an arduous process. With so many factors to consider - naming, incorporation, taxes, and marketing, to name a few - it can be difficult to know where to begin. But what is perhaps the most important element of starting a business comes entirely from you: motivation.

How did we start Seaside Translation? With a little luck, a fair bit of background knowledge, and a proverbial boatload of ambition. We know from experience that we're not afraid to burn the midnight oil when it comes to our work. Throw in our combined experience, and you've got the recipe for a great adventure!