Choppy seas and fair weather

Avast, ye scurvy dogs, and all that.

As you may have guessed from our lengthy absence from this glorious blog, we at Seaside have had our hands full this past month!

Many a message in a bottle was sent out, and we did come across a few replies, which have yielded surprising amounts of buried treasure. Although we've only officially worked with a few different sources over the past month, these sea dogs have been up on deck day and night, working away! Several late nights and countless cups of tea later, we've once again proven that our industrious spirits are up to the challenge, and we rather enjoy being busy.

Thanks to our loyal readers {whoever and wherever you are}, and to our correspondents near and far.

At long last and as promised, here is the translation of our blog blague!

A burglar goes into a house one late night. He turns on his flashlight and roams through the house looking for valuables. He's filling his sack with CDs and jewelry, and suddenly he hears a strange voice:

- "Jesus is watching you..."

The terrified burglar jumps at the sound of this voice. He turns off his flashlight and stays completely still for a few seconds. Hearing nothing, he tells himself that it was only his imagination, and continues to search through the house. As he's disconnecting the stereo from the wall, he hears the strange voice again:

- "Look out! Jesus is watching you..."

This time, the burglar leaves his flashlight on, and quickly looks around him. Finally, he notices a parrot in the corner of the room.

- "Aha - it's you, you stupid parrot; you're the one freaking me out!"

- "Yup!" admits the parrot raucously. "I was trying to warn you of the danger."

- "Who are you to be warning me of danger?"

- "My name is Moses," says the bird.

- "Ha!! Moses! What kind of idiot names a parrot Moses?"

- "Probably the same kind of idiot who names a Rottweiler Jesus..."

The end!

The end!