Confirmed sighting!

Despite reports to the contrary, we are here to announce that the crew of the HMS Punafore are not lost at sea! They've recently been spotted warding off scurvy at the local corn ma{i}ze:


Free-range translator in her natural habitat

Free-range translator in her natural habitat


After individual adventures on the high seas {a.k.a. summer holidays}, our intrepid interpreters of the written word have jumped back into the daily grind with gusto, taking a quick break in the sunshine to take a stroll among the stalks. The story of our adventure was delightful, with many twists and turns. A corny time was had by all. No, but was amaize-ing.

Obviously, our lengthy absence from the blogosphere is telling of our busy summer season - even the usually paltry month of August was action-packed. Although we had to swab a couple of poop decks, we are now full-fledged NETA members and the proud payers of large amounts of taxes.

Thanks, as always, for possibly reading this blog. Stay salty!